IC design

Mikron design services cover the complete task range: from functional analysis of customer requirements through design of IC building blocks to production-ready ICs


3 business units with 300+ people-strong team are focused on research and development tasks within Mikron Group of Companies. The company maintains strong ties to the world-renowned Russian scientific community and actively invests in R&D activities: 15% of yearly revenues are invested in R&D.
Among the core competences of Mikron design center are digital, analog-digital and mixed signal ICs, with the special focus on LIC and VLICs.
Mikron has unique design expertise in:
• Power management ICs
• High-voltage IC design
• RFID chip design

Services offered to customers cover the whole task spectrum. Depending on customer requirements specific service package can be worked out.

Pre-project: architectural design and concept definition
• Feasibility study: analysis of customer requirements (whether functional or technical), concept development
• Analysis of available architecture and circuit options
• Technology and package evaluation and choice
• Calculation of power, area and potential yield
• Specification development
• Risk analysis, project schedule preparation and cost definition

• Front-end modelling, synthesis and verification in Design Compiler, Primetime, Powermill, Pathmill, Pro VHDL, Pro Verilog, VSS, Timemill, Formality, NCsim
• Back-end physical design in Silicon Ensemble, OPUS (Virtuoso), Arcadia
• Physical verification in Calibre
As the result of design stage the customer receives the IC topology design in GDS2 format.

Prototyping and preparation for manufacturing
• GDS data processing for photo-mask development
• Management of photo-mask preparation
• Prototype manufacturing and testing
• Assembly and bench-mark testing of the manufactured prototype

Developed ICs can be produced at Mikron manufacturing facilities, as well as prepared for manufacturing at other semiconductor foundries.