Foundry services

Mikron offers its top-notch manufacturing facilities for contract manufacturing of IC designs developed by independent design houses and other fabless companies.
Contract manufacturing services are available at Mikron on 8’, 6’ and 4’ production lines with total capacity of 50 thousand wafers per month. Mikron offers small and medium scale production of a wide range of ICs and discrete semiconductor devices. Both full-cycle manufacturing from test samples to mass production and standalone technological operations according to customer-requirements can be performed. Our foundry team will guide the customer through all of the production stages to ensure that the IC designs are manufactured with the highest quality and in a timely manner. Our company strives to make sure that our customers are satisfied with their collaboration experience with Mikron.

Supported technologies

Mikron provides foundry services covering technology solutions from 2.5.0μm ~ 65nm process nodes, focusing on differentiated technologies including:

CMOS CMOSF8_4M_5V (0.18µm, 4 Me) Read more
CMOSF8_5M (0.18µm, 5 Me)
CMOSF8_6M_5V + EEPROM (0.18µm, 6 Me)
HCMOS HCMOS8D_6M_5V (0.18µm, 6 Me) Read more
HCMOS8D_RF SiGe (0.18µm, 6 Me, RF опция)
HCMOS065_LP (65nm, 7 Me)
HCMOS10_LP_7M_2.5V (90nm, 7Me)
SOI SOI250_4M_3.3V (0.25µm) Read more
SOI250_6M_3.3V (0.25µm)
SOI180_6M_1.8/3.3/5.0V (0.18µm)
Bipolar Bipolar (2 µm, 1-2 Me, trench опция) Read more
CMOS CMOS (1.6-2 µm, 1 Me, 1 polySi) Read more
HV-CMOS (ВСD) (1.6-2 µm, 1 Me, 1 polySi)
Planar Planar: Pt (IF: 1A - 100A); Mo (IF: 3A - 60A); Cr (IF: 0.5A - 30A); Ti (IF: 1A) Read more
Planar HV

Manufacturing equipment

Mikron manufacturing facilities are equipped with the top tier equipment by leading semiconductor brands, including: Applied Materials, LAM Research, Axcelis, Vazian, ASML, KLA-Tencor, TEL, DNS, FSI, ASM, Mercury, Cannon, SVG.

What we offer

    • Diversified technology portfolioto suit customer needs for manufacturing of embedded Flash, power management ICs, power discretes, RF (Radio Frequency), as well as standard logic and mixed-signal ICs. 
    • Leading-edge production facilities:13 thousand sq. meters of clean rooms (with cleanness grade up to 10 ppm) 
    • Turnkey solution provider: Mikron offers its customers full range of services starting from IC design through wafer production till packaging and testing.
    • Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction through all core business and manufacturing processes: Mikron has been awarded various international certifications such as ISO9001 for quality, ISO14001 for environmental and ISO 50001-2011 for energy management system.  
    • Reasonable price: MultyProjectWafer option to lower test sample cost, engineering lot split to fine tune the parameters of the technological process, multi-layered-masks for manufacturing to save customer photo-mask expenses.

We continuously focus on new technologies development to even better serve the needs of our customers.